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Story-based Game

"If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales."
- Albert Einstein, Nobel Prize winner
Merscythe: adventure with  the codue

Follow the adventures of Merscythe and program in Python to unlock eight story chapters. Enjoy audio recordings of story and content. The book is designed for accessibility.

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Seven tutorials and over 60 practice exercises ready for use.
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  • Table of Contents

  • Tutorial 1: Introduction to objects, classes, and methods
    What is a class
    How to create an object from a class
    Calling methods to perform operations
    Using comments in programs
  • Tutorial 2: Input and Output, Using Variables in programs
    Using variables to store different types of data
    Using the input function to read different types of data
    Using the print function to display information on the console
  • Tutorial 3: Conditions
    The if clause
    The else clause
    The if-else statement
    Operators:    <    >    =    <=    >=    ==    !=
  • Tutorial 4: Providing arguments to Methods
    Methods with one argument
    Defining methods with parameters
    Method with two or more arguments
    Order of arguments in methods
    Functions with any number of arguments
  • Tutorial 5: Methods that return data
    Using data returned by methods
    Using built-in methods and functions.
    A method that does not return a value.
    Methods that return True or False
  • Tutorial 6: The "while" Loop
    Why loops are useful
    Basics of the while loop
    Actions after loop ends
    Infinite loops
    Terminating a loop
    Reading user input inside a loop
  • Tutorial 7: The "for" Loop
    Displaying numbers with a for loop
    A for loop using the range function
    Displaying numbers in a list using the for loop
    Using a for loop with a list of numbers
    Displaying text data in a list using a for loop
    Displaying objects in a list using a for loop
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Why Python?

Python is easier to learn than many other languages. It is widely used in industry for many applications including scientific computing; big data; analytics; and scalable web applications.

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